My portfolio takes many directions.  Somehow I had the idea that to be a real artist one needed to be proficient in many media.  So while I no longer agree with this perception, I have studied many types of expression in visual  media - so I could be a "real" artist.  Yes I smile now at the thought, the silliness of it.   So for now the collections, Acrylics, Ink, Oil, Mixed Media, Watercolor.

Study in Blue - Acrylic on Paper - 2008

Tina Steele Penn 17" x 26"

People often ask me, "What is your favorite media"?  Because the socially adept know this is how you begin a conversation with the often socially inept artist.  "Hmm" , I say, "It changes all the time, depending on my mood".   What do I "feel" like I want to paint in today?  Oil? Acrylic? Watercolor?  Watercolor crayons?  Oil Pastel?  Pencil and Graphite?  Ink?  What is it I am trying to say?  Is it hard?  Or soft?  Wild and Free, or exact in representation.  Either way ... it is always completely unpredictable -as I am an artist - driven by my thoughts, passions and vision.

Playing with the colors of Tuscany - "The Duomo"

Watercolor on Paper - 12" x 9"  2011

Tina Steele Penn